grow succulent fresh produce for the kitchen

Grow Your Own Fruit and Veg in Plot, Pots or Growbags No longer do we need a walled vegetable garden to grow succulent fresh produce for the kitchen. Large patio pots and grow bags can bring this useful hobby to the smallest of spaces.

Beautiful Flowers And Plants Colouring

Beautiful Flowers And Plants Colouring Book The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew have been collecting and conserving plants for nearly 260 years. This stunning colouring book offers more than 95 images of some of the most beautiful…


Chili Pepper ‚Cayenne Long Slim‘ – Seed Make your food even tastier! (great to watch them grow… Chilli pepper ‚Cayenne Long Slim‘ (Caspicum annuum) is the best known hot Chilli

Large flowered gladiolas

Large-Flowered Gladioli – Tuber Large flowered gladiolas are what you want in a summer flower. These are very prolific and the colours are so beautiful

Dahlia ‚Vuurvogel‘ – Tuber

Dahlia ‚Vuurvogel‘ – Tuber Large-Flowered Dahlia ‚Vuurvogel‘ will reward you with a great flowering throughout the summer months from July The dahlia must be the most pleasing of all summer flowers.

Summer-flowering narcissi

Summer Flowering Narcissi in 3 Varieties Summer-flowering narcissi are a result of the latest horticultural developments. These 3 narcissi varieties Summer narcissi are planted in the spring, and after approximately 8 weeks

Large-flowered cactus dahlia mix!

Large-flowered cactus dahlia mix! These very striking, large-flowered cactus dahlias are just fabulous! There is no summer flower cheerful dahlia that flowers all summer long from July right up to the first frosts.